About MicroAge Regina

Our Mission

To empower you through technology.

Our Vision

To be a leader in the supply of business technology and information technology services.

Our Values

T-N-T: to exhibit a sense of urgency because time is money for us and for our clients. Your impact is dynamite. Getting it done Today-Not-Tomorrow!


IGAS: Integrity, Growth, Accountability, Savvy
Integrity: honesty in all our relationships, both personal and professional.
Growth: by continuous improvement of both self and company.
Accountability: to ourselves and others.
Savvy: to be sharp, intelligent, use common sense, show insight, understanding, and perception.

Why MicroAge?

Having the subject matter experts in your corner never hurts. We work with our clients to help them achieve their business goals, day after day.

Recognized by the industry as a leader in IT services and solutions


Top 50 Best Managed IT Companies in Canada


Among the Best Managed IT Services Suppliers in the World


Top 100 Best IT Solutions Providers in Canada

The problems we solve

We continuously help entrepreneurs, IT managers, SMBs and large organizations to overcome the challenges they face with IT.

  • Spending too much time and energy on IT
  • The security of the company could be at risk
  • Lack technical resources and tools to properly manage your IT
  • Receiving lots of junk mail that potentially contain viruses/malwares
  • Need more time to focus on the business
  • IT costs are too high and unpredictable
  • Need to replace aging equipment
  • Don't understand current support arrangements
  • Unexpected system outage and downtime affecting productivity
  • Backups are failing and not sure if the data can be recovered
  • Unable to support the satellite offices and the staff that is working remotely
  • Users are complaining that their PCs are slow
  • Want to take advantage of the Cloud but don't know how
  • Current supplier is not involved in the business outcomes