Procurement & Deployment

Facilitate the procurement and deployment of IT-related solutions and services to help simplify your acquisition process

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Technology is evolving at an incredibly rapid pace, from vendor products being regularly refreshed to new solutions being constantly developed and improved. It can become difficult for organization to keep up with today’s pace and keep an eye on good pricing, technology opportunities and deploying the technologies within their businesses.

Our procurement and deployment services help you with identifying the right hardware, software and solutions for your needs and synchronize deployment needs, across the country. Whether you need us to find the best prices, alternative solutions or completely configure specific devices according to your needs, you can count on our team to be there at every step of the way.

Procurement and Deployment Components

  • Product sourcing: Setting strategies, negotiating with distributors and manufacturers and securing inventory when you need it.
  • Software and Licenses Acquisition and Management: Ease the acquiring process and renewal processes of software and licenses that your business needs as we set predefined alerts for you.
  • Configuration services: Done for you image creation, loading and specific integrations, shipping ready to use devices where and when you need them.
  • Warehousing and distribution: Secured warehouses, centralized order management and deployment project management.
  • Financial services: Reduce capital investments and maximize operating expenses by leveraging flexible financing options with advantageous rates.

Procurement and Deployment Benefits

  • Reduce the amount of time your staff invests in understanding, searching, sourcing and negotiating key IT assets
  • Leverage help from IT professionals for all acquisition and deployment needs
  • Invest strategically and with confidence to address your business needs
  • Benefit from turnkey services, from a one off purchase to complete project acquisition and deployment