What is a Managed Service Provider, and what does MicroAge do?

MicroAge provides a full suite of managed IT services that can be tailored to meet the needs of any business. Our team of dedicated professionals can monitor your IT assets and provide the technical support needed to handle any hardware and software issues that could compromise your network.

Our Managed IT Services

10-50 Computer Users:

No internal or formal IT team


  • Want a budgetable monthly cost.
  • Are not confident that your IT is secure.
  • Started with a smaller IT provider but your needs have outgrown their capabilities.
  • Have repeated problems with no resolution.
  • Simply need your technology to work more consistently.
  • Want someone to take away the stress of IT.
  • Want a plan.
  • Want more proactive conversations.
  • Want help taking your IT to the next level of productivity.

50-250 Computer Users:

IT team about 1-4. Your IT team wants to focus on doing the day-to-day activities.

Your business...

  • Relies on technology
  • May have multiple locations
  • Wants to implement new technologies. You have had consultants that offer a proposal with no implementation plan
  • Needs top level assistance with development of best practices around, patching, AV and updating
  • Wants a sounding board to discuss IT strategy
  • Wants guidance around best practices around security
  • Has identified areas of IT risk

50-250 Computer Users:

IT team about 1-4. Your IT team wants to focus on the strategic initiatives.

Your business...

  • Relies on technology
  • IT team’s time is stretched, and strategic projects get delayed
  • Wants a partner to look after the day-top-day support
  • Would like assistance with, patching, AV and updating
  • Needs a service desk and scheduled proactive checks
  • Wants a partner that can manage ticketing system and remediation system
  • Wants a partner for hardware support
  • Has identified areas of IT risk
  • Wants guidance around Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365

Focus on Your Business

Managed IT service providers help businesses increase productivity and control costs. Enjoy the peace of mind that a well-managed IT department provides to invest your time and energy in value-adding projects for your business, not IT infrastructure management.

Greatly Reduce Downtime

Our comprehensive network monitoring and strategic planning will make sure that your cloud computing, hardware and software systems are always working as they should be.

Contracting out an IT department to a managed service company can actually lead to huge savings by reducing downtime, cutting costs and increasing efficiency.

Disruptions to cloud services or gaps in company IT infrastructure that hinder operations come at a huge cost. If your company has struggled with IT issues, the impact on your business is probably more costly than you expect.



We monitor your assets in real-time 24x7x365 and establish strategic alerts based on your business needs so you never miss any information and prevent problems before they even happen.


Our team is constantly available to support you remotely and on-site to prevent downtime and provide you with all the assistance you need to ensure your business is running smoothly.


We manage performance, standards, security and incidents for you so you get the most out of your IT assets. You will never have had such a simple and efficient management of our IT.


We help you understand, analyse and optimize your facilities to maximize your performance and return on investment with customized reporting and recommendations based on your specific business goals.

Infrastructure Solutions

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