IT Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Ensure that your business can overcome interruptions and resume normal operations as quickly and painlessly as possible.


Many things can interrupt business operations: cybersecurity threats, network and connectivity issues, even natural disasters like winter storms, flooding, or a fire.

By investing in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) strategies, you can minimize interruptions and downtime when faced with unforeseen circumstances.

IT BCDR Components

  • Backup Solutions: Storage and backup solutions such as cloud-to-cloud backup to easily access or restore data and files when necessary.
  • Cybersecurity Monitoring: Peace of mind knowing that MicroAge is monitoring your environment to try and identify cyber risks before they can impact business operations.
  • Data Governance: What are your data governance policies? Do you have industry regulations to adhere to? MicroAge can help develop data governance policies for your organization if required.
  • Industry Standards: An understanding of your industry's standards when it comes to data retention & security requirements.
  • Strategic Technology Discussions: Routinely scheduled strategic discussions around your organization's technology.

IT BCDR Benefits

  • The ability to resume business operations in the wake of a disaster or interruption
  • Secure storage for data
  • Data and files backed up regularly
  • Guidance and support around creating an Incident Response Plan so you are never left scrambling if the worst does happen