Infrastructure Solutions

The right IT infrastructure solutions to help your business runs smoothly, efficietly and securely

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What are Infrastructure Solutions?

We leverage the latest technology available provide you with the tools to confidently enhance your IT infrastructure and streamline your operations, improve your productivity and keep compatibility with your current workflow.

Why use MicroAge Infrastructure Solutions?

We are strategically aligned with vendors, suppliers and partners and can propose best-in-class solutions that offer significant advantages over single-vendor or single-point solutions. We bring together proven technologies in a scalable, resilient, and reliable solution capable of fulfilling all of your organization’s business requirements by;

  • Enabling greater profitability by reducing downtime due to IT Systems failures.
  • Free up existing IT resources by automating routine processes.
  • Streamline critical line-of-business processes that are at the core of your organization.
  • Increase employee productivity by ensuring access to applications regardless of user location.
  • Improved satisfaction with IT by staff and business stakeholders.

MicroAge has the knowledge and competency and training to make sure your IT environment essentials are in place in order to establish a solid foundation so your infrastructure can grow with your business.

What do Infrastructure Solutions include?

  • Storage Solutions, Architecture and Design
  • Server Solutions, Assessment and Design
  • Networking Solutions
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • Infrastructure Virtualization
  • Storage and Server Consolidation
  • Storage and Data Management Solutions