Managed Cybersecurity Solutions

Make developing resilient cybersecurity strategies to reduce the risk of malicious security breaches a priority for your organization.

Layered Cybersecurity

MicroAge's approach to cybersecurity is layers. The more layers of cybersecurity in place, the less attractive your business becomes to cyber criminals.

As your IT support vendor, we enable our clients to consider the following areas when it comes to their cybersecurity:

  • People (training, password management, MFA)
  • Perimeter (firewalls, spam filters, Dark Web monitoring, ethical hacking)
  • Network
  • Endpoint (monitoring, patch management, vulnerability scans, drive encryption)
  • Data
  • Company (cyber resiliency, BCDR, incident response planning)
"Security is process, not a product."
- Bruce Schneier

Managed Cybersecurity Solutions Components

  • Microsoft Modern Workplace: as a Microsoft partner, MicroAge Regina can apply robust cybersecurity tools to your environment, protecting your M365 environment.
  • Many Cybersecurity Tools: MicroAge has several partners of whom we can use their tools to complete our cybersecurity toolbox.
  • Security Consulting: Make sure your company’s data is safe, correctly backed up and recoverable within your business criteria with the help of security assessments, penetration tests and end-user training.
  • Client Success Team: Access the Client Success Team to gain understanding of the state of your cybersecurity, if your cybersecurity is in good standing, and what steps towards risk mitigation are needed.

Managed Cybersecurity Benefits

  • Benefit from the wealth of expertise, practical knowledge, and cybersecurity best practices of our team.
  • Leverage training opportunities through MicroAge Training to train your team to identify phishing attempts and to learn cyber hygiene.
  • Get a better understanding of your organization's cybersecurity and turn weaknesses into strengths with new solutions.
  • Safeguard your company’s data and protect your business from devastating cyber attacks.
  • Peace of mind knowing you have done everything you can to protect yourself, your business, your team.