Warranty and Hardware Repair

Companies can be overwhelmed by the challenges of managing and maintaining computer hardware. Most organizations have a mix of new and used products and solutions in a constantly evolving environment.


Organizations are often overwhelmed by the challenges of managing their IT assets. Most organizations have a mix of old and new equipment and software in their inventory that changes constantly as a result of upgrades, repairs, and refurbishments.

An asset management solution provides an automated set of processes that updates a centralized IT asset repository whenever one of its processes (procurement, leasing, upgrades, IMACs, repairs, etc.) is initiated. As a result, IT managers and business operators are able to manage their inventory proactively to optimize the return on their IT investments.

Trust our IT support services for businesses, we own the knowledge and the advanced technology to manage problems and get your system up and running with minimal downtime and impact on your business operations.

Avoid Downtime

Benefit from real-time support on all your assets at any time, anywhere in Canada. Avoid downtime and problems through a proactive approach.

On-site and Remote

Whether you need on-site intervention or remote support, our team is always available to help you with your problems and challenges.

Free Your Resources

Allow your key resources to work on value-added tasks by automating processes and using a full or partial management service offer.


What's Included In

Our IT Support and Maintenance Services

Installation and Repair

Take advantage of our qualified personnel to install, configure or repair your equipment, as soon as possible, anywhere in Canada.

Moving & Relocating

Are your offices moving or you need to relocate equipment? We can put everything in place to make things easier for you.

Warranty Services

Facilitate the process of collateral and relationships with manufacturers using our team and our direct links with the right resources.

Extended IT Hour Services

Get real-time support at all times for your equipment critical to the smooth running of your business.

End-User Support

Let your team work better by using our support team that can support you in real time.

Contractual Services

Maximize the life expectancy of your equipment by using our contractual services, tailor-made to maintain your equipment.