If your system goes down?

If your system goes down, will your business continue?

Sometimes you don’t stop to think about this until it’s too late; if your business is attacked, can you recover? When you look around, IT consists of more than your computer, laptop and mobile device.

Whoever controls your IT is also opening and closing the door virtually and physically to your “building”. It is controlling the level of service your clients receive, and is what pushes productivity.

IT is no longer a group of geeks hidden from the rest of the company in some back room; it is permeating every aspect of your business and can control if you stay open for business or shut you down for good.

A solid plan is necessary along with the cooperation of your employees and resources

The only way to be able to continue doing business as usual if you experience a cyber-attack is to have a detailed plan in place.

You most likely have certain plans in place if you were to experience a power-failure, or how to supplement staff in case of major illness, or a crisis management plan if something fails but are you aware of a plan to enact if you experience a cyber-attack?

For most companies, if you were to experience a cyber-attack tomorrow it would shut you down for 24-48hrs; could you bounce back after that? You will end up spending large amounts of money to fix it meanwhile losing productivity while trying to restore services and production. Potentially losing time, stock, and then more money rebuilding.

Audit and validate

You have an IT team with many responsibilities and a general objective of delivering the best service but sometimes it doesn’t always promote the best security! It always goes back to the B-word…budget. It really requires the business decision maker being able to make an informed choice.

Security really falls on everyone; specifically, those at the top with the most responsibility-but that includes making sure you have a secure IT infrastructure and being fully aware of how to defend your network.

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Get the most from your IT

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