Microsoft Teams Phone

Upgrade your organization's phone system effortlessly with our landline to Microsoft Teams Phone migration services. Say goodbye to outdated phone systems and ballooning telecom costs.

All-in-one Solution

Experience a comprehensive approach to communication and collaboration:

  • Integrate calling, chat, and meetings within a unified app.
  • Initiate calls seamlessly from Teams, Outlook, or your mobile device.
  • Collaborate effortlessly within Office apps during calls and meetings.
  • Enjoy unified contacts and calendars across Teams and Outlook for seamless workflow.
Phone computer and tablet

Call From Anywhere

Seamlessly connect across devices and enhance your communication capabilities with these features:

  • Utilize a single phone number across your computer, mobile, and desk phone.
  • Transition effortlessly from a call to a group meeting without the need to hang up or redial.
  • Enhance meeting flexibility by incorporating a dial-in conference number.
  • Explore a variety of personal and shared devices designed specifically for Teams, including our partner Yealink.
Person on mobile phone

Secure, Reliable, and Rich Calling

Elevate your communication experience with advanced cloud calling capabilities:

  • Experience cloud calling features such as consultative transfer, music-on-hold, cloud voicemail, and more.
  • Foster teamwork with group call pick-up and delegation functionalities.
  • Let us configure built-in audio attendants, call queues, or integrate your contact center software seamlessly.
  • Boost system reliability with built-in redundancy and load balancing for improved uptime.
Person on web call

What's Included In

Our Microsoft Teams Phone Services

Hot Desk Capabilities

Embrace the new remote world and allow users to log into any shared phone and access their personalized settings, contacts, and voicemail, promoting seamless collaboration and productivity across varied workstations within an organization.

Virtual Training

To ensure a seamless transition for your organization, MicroAge Manitoba provides each client with a comprehensive end-user overview, interactive Q&A, and a shareable recording for future viewing.

Streamline Management

Get real-time insights into the quality of calls made using Microsoft Teams and monitor and resolve performance issues with call analytics.

Product Sourcing

Benefit from the best sources for the hardware, services and licences that meet your budget including headsets, desk phones, and more.

Renewals Management

Stop worrying over renewal dates as we monitor your licences for you and ensure your phone line keeps ringing.

Financing Options

Maximize operating expenses for your organization by leveraging competitive and flexible financing options.