What Are Co-Managed IT Services and Why They May Be a Fit for Your Business?

The last year has been challenging for businesses of all sizes on many levels. The need to quickly shift to remote work and changing how product and services are delivered to customers put an added strain on organizations. Of course, the ever-present security concerns needed to be addressed as well. 

From an IT perspective, the pressure to respond to these needs increased exponentially. For the most part, businesses who were already working with a dependable managed service provider (MSP) were able to adjust and adapt quickly to continue their operations.  

For some organizations, particularly those who had their own internal IT resources and departments, it may have been a little more difficult to make the changes required. This was due to limited resources, lack of technical expertise or the lack of tools and processes. This drove the adoption of what is referred to co-managed services.     

Definition of co-managed IT services 

Co-managed IT services can be defined as model that allows businesses to blend their internal IT team with the support, knowledge, and expertise of an MSP. It allows organizations to customize their IT services to allow them to decide which services to keep in house and which would be better suited for outsourcing. The idea is to create a partnership where the MSP can support, enhance, and supplement the existing IT team within an organization. 

Co-managed IT services is not a new concept but has seen significant growth over the last 18 months as organizations were grappling with a world that changed overnight.   

When to consider co-managed IT services 

Some of the triggers that motivate businesses to consider adopting a co-managed IT services model include:  

Small IT team and time constraints 

When an IT department is small any changes in demand for their services can cause disruption and lead to an overworked staff. Changes such as new projects, staff on vacation or leave or spikes in user help requirements can negatively impact the IT team. Finding and hiring staff is an option but can be time-consuming and costly. In addition, with the shortage of IT resources currently being experienced, it is difficult to recruit and retain the right resources. Businesses can benefit from co-managed IT services in this instance by allowing an organization to supplement their IT team. 

New Projects 

 Taking on new IT projects are crucial and necessary to the growth of a business however, they can impact already stressed resources. Co-managed IT services can help by working alongside an organizations internal resources to either deliver the project or maintain operations while the internal team delivers the project. 

Knowledge Gap 

The one constant that we know about technology is that it changes quickly. It can be challenging to keep up. Co-managed IT services can provide the experience and knowledge to supplement the knowledge gap to help the internal IT team of an organization reach their goal in less time. 

Lack of Monitoring and Management Platform 

Having platform that helps effectively and efficiently manage an IT environment is important. Together with documented processes, the IT environment can be optimized, and the end-users within the environment can benefit from increased productivity. MSPs have invested in management platforms and processes that organizations can leverage in a co-managed IT model.  

What can co-managed IT services providers deliver? 

Some of the services that can help an organization’s internal IT team include: 

  • Access to state-of-the-art monitoring, management and ticketing platforms and processes 
  • End-user support services 
  • Support overflow services 
  • Contractual IT resources 
  • Consulting services including knowledge transfer and process implementation 

Co-managed IT services model is a partnership between an organization’s internal IT team and an MSP. The MSP works hand in hand with the in-house IT department to successfully attain the business outcomes defined by the organization.  

Contact us to see if co-managed IT services is a fit for your business. 

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