IT Procurement & Deployment Services

Facilitate the acquisition and deployment of IT hardware and IT solutions with a personalized service tailored to your needs

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Hardware acquisition and management can quickly become a tedious task for any organization. Whether you choose specific models, delivery, installation or even how to acquire the right equipment, you can ensure a turnkey service across Canada by using MicroAge as a partner.

Our procurement and deployment services help simplify the acquisition process to enable you to standardize and improve the management of your assets at the most competitive cost on the market. Our clients use these services to refocus their efforts and skills towards strategic activities and take advantage of our order management systems and the expertise of our team in order to obtain a personalized service tailored to their needs. We will help you with the following :

  • What are the best options for your organization?
  • How to acquire, deploy and install specific hardware?
  • How to properly manage the solutions?
  • How to choose between a capital expense and an operating expense?


Simplify the acquisition and deployment process by benefiting from a complete team that works for you and ensure that everything is controlled and meets your needs.

Peace of Mind

Get peace of mind about your orders, licences and renewals as we monitor for you the entire process and acquisition and renewal.


Maximize your financial resources by benefiting from tailor-made financing and purchasing options for your organization.


Our IT Procurement and deployment expertise

Product Sourcing

Benefit from a team of experts to search and find the best products and solutions available to meet your needs.

Purchasing and Financing

Evaluate the best purchasing and financing options to accommodate your budgets, resources and objectives.


Need more flexibility? Explore our "as-a-service" options and only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Renewals Management

Do not worry over your contracts and licences renewals. We monitor everything for you, and notify you at the appropriate time.

On-site Configuration and Deployment

Save time, energy and money as we deploy and configure all of the products and software that you need, across Canada.

Recycling and Disposal

Facilitate the process of refreshing aging equipment by opting for custom recycling or destruction options.