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Professional IT Consulting Services for Your Organization

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Our consulting services are at the heart of the projects we establish and implement with you. We take the time to fully understand your reality before adequately advising you on the best possible avenues to achieve your business goals.

MicroAge replaces your outdated technology, establishes cybersecurity systems, and more to get your business running better, stronger, faster. Our global reach makes it possible for us to utilize shared knowledge and experience for your benefit. We meet the challenges of troubleshooting and other concerns while improving your organization’s development so that it can block the most sophisticated of threats.

Our consultants have all the capabilities, certifications, and qualifications needed to solve your current problems; we have a collective knowledge of various industries to better serve your company. We guide you to optimal solutions that are tailored to your needs, so you can maximize your investment and attain your objectives. We help you answer the following questions:

  • What are the best solutions for our organization?
  • How can we leverage these solutions to work better?
  • How can we establish, implement, and manage future solutions?
  • How should we properly plan our IT Investments?

With a structured plan of action, our consultants reduce companies’ downtime, safeguard the value of data, and clear the way for business initiatives to grow.

Approach IT with Confidence and Impartiality

No company is the same, so our approach is based on solving your unique problems and achieving your specially designed business objectives. It’s through this unbiased approach that our consultants provide you with tailored solutions for your organization.

Simplify IT. Plan IT. Achieve IT.

Information technology is becoming increasingly complex. The mission of our experts is to simplify your understanding of various technologies and adapt them to your business. We can audit your company and prepare plans of up to 5 years to determine the best ways to increase profitability. Our team looks at your company's structure, orientation, and more.

Manage Less

Our management consulting facilitates your business’ operations. Our turnkey services are designed to simplify your life. Our expertise will help you to achieve more, save time, and control costs.

Get the Best ROI

By strengthening your IT’s infrastructure, your company is put on the path toward productivity. MicroAge offers full support, so you always stay ahead of the curve. With our consulting team by your side, there’s nowhere for your company to go, but up!


Our IT Consulting Services

MicroAge is your international business consulting company with everything you need for success, such as:

Strategic IT Planning

Plan and budget appropriately for the future of your organization with a customized blueprint for your IT business objectives.

Project Management

Benefit from turnkey solutions, thanks to our complete project management services that ensure your complete satisfaction and superior outcomes.

Evaluation, Analysis & Audit

Know and understand all the components of your IT with evaluations, analyzes, and audits of your network, environment, and security.

Inventory Management

Save time and energy by using our resources to keep an eye on your inventory and allow yourself to focus more on IT.

Training and Knowledge Transfer

Enrich your human capital by benefiting from personalized training and knowledge transfers for a better understanding and management of your IT.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Ensure quick recovery of your systems and data when disaster strikes, thanks to a plan customized to fit your needs. Our consulting team uses the latest technology to ensure your organization's protection.