NOTICE: Applications for the CDAP Grant are currently closed. This page will remain up in case grant applications open again in the future.

Use the CDAP Grant to Fund Your Digital Projects

What is the CDAP Grant?

The Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) is a government initiative to help small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) adopt new digital technologies. The Canadian government has committed $4 billion to the program over the next four years.

If you're a registered business in Canada (sole proprietorship or encorporated) with at least $30,000 revenue, you're eligible for one grant (eligibility requirements opened October 18, 2022).

If your business has one full-time equivalent employee and $500,000 revenue in one of the prior three years, you're likely eligible for both grants.


A Breakdown of the CDAP Grant

The CDAP grant is composed of two streams:

  • A microgrant which most companies with at least one employee are eligible for and,
  • The larger Boost Your Business Technology grant with stricter eligibility criteria.

Stream 1: Grow Your Business Online
$2,400 microgrant to implement digial marketing initiatives, to reimburse for costs related to web design, SEO, site audits, Google Analytics consulting, Google Ads, social media, databases and more. It also covers hiring a digital marketing agency to plan and implement initiatives.

Stream 2: Boost Your Business Technology
Up to $15,000 to hire a CDAP Digital Advisor to create a CDAP plan. 90% reimbursement up to $15,000 to cover the costs of hiring an approved advisor to develop a digital plan.

Wage Subsidy
$7,300 in wage subsidies to hire Canadian youth to implement the CDAP plan.

Interest-Free Loan
Up to $100,000 to implement the CDAP plan.

How do I apply?

Applications are submitted through the Government of Canada website. The process can be daunting or confusing, so if you need guidance, finding an Authorized Digital Advisor who will walk you through the official Canada Digital Adoption Program application process will be very helpful.

Please note: only government-approved digital advisors can provide services for Stream 2.

MicroAge Regina's Contribution to your CDAP Grant Project

MicroAge Regina is not an Authorized Digital Advisor, but we will work with federally recognized Authorized Digital Advisors to help implement projects and help you achieve your goals with the CDAP grant stream your business has been awarded.

MicroAge Regina, in cooperation with your organization and the Authorized Digital Advisor, can help with your projects that include:

For any other services from MicroAge Regina outside of the CDAP Grant, please contact us.

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