More Great Tips for Working Remotely

The commute can be quite short but with so many distractions calling out to you, it is easy to get sidetracked. Combined with the demands of family life and work to be completed, this can be a stressful time. Not to mention the stories on the news of videoconference security issues, text scams, suspicious COVID-19 email, and increasing phishing attacks and it may seem impossible to get anything accomplished!

In our last article, Managing a Remote Workforce at this time? we highlighted some ideas on how to make working from home a little easier, but as we continue with social distancing and isolation, we wanted to offer a few more practical guidelines to assist you in what might be a challenging time.

Be Vigilant

Working from home has a way of allowing us to relax a little more than we would in the office. It is essential to remain keenly aware of potential security breaches. Refer to these 10 Tips for Cyber Safe Employees for a great print off of ways to stop cybersecurity attacks. Cybercrime can happen when we are most off guard.

Overload is a real concern

Sending large amounts of information through emails, streaming videos, kids watching Netflix, and the neighbours all trying to work at home as well is going to slow everything down. Watch and see when the internet seems the most sluggish and plan on doing your video check-in with staff at another time. If you know you will require a lot of bandwidth, ask the kids to find something that doesn’t need the internet.

Keep Gadgets to a Minimum

When we go to work, we have a set up that is functional for the job we need to do. At home, the same luxuries may not apply. For instance, working from the kitchen table is going to limit the number of gadgets used. You may be used to having a larger screen or 2 and now you’re working off a laptop. But along with a good chair and some noise-cancelling headphones, work can be completed.

Team Collaboration

If you’ve been part of a dynamic team up till this point, functioning solo may be somewhat of a struggle. If the entire team always brainstorms together or shares ideas over the cubicle wall, set yourselves up for success by accessing tools that will allow you to continue the team collaboration.

Give Yourself a Break

Last but certainly not least, do not forget to cut yourself some slack. Many are not only working from home but parenting as well with kids out of school. Remember to step away from the desk for a while. One of the fears managers have about employees working from home is they will not be productive. The opposite tends to be the reality, though. For many remote workers, that line between office and home is hard to define.

With the right tools and mindset, this transition can be with limited hiccups. Change is never easy, and this situation has asked for a lot of changes in a relatively short period. Learning new programs or different ways to do things can be overwhelming, but it can also open our eyes to improvements in how we can be productive.

Get the most from your IT

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