What Am I Paying For in an MSP Partnership?

Those on the fence about partnering with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) often need a justification for the monthly cost of a Managed Service Agreement. One of the most common ways they look at this is to compare the time the provider spends per month responding to incidents against that of their invoice. Often referred to as the ‘broke/fix’ model, companies believe that to get a value for the money they are spending, they need to witness a tangible benefit.

The misperception companies hold about MSPs costs businesses thousands of dollars a year.

An MSP works to ensure the optimum result in your IT environment. The goal of an MSP is to reduce the number of times a company must reach out to their IT provider. Limited contact with your MSP means that they are doing their jobs behind the scenes to ensure your environment is stable, thus minimizing the issues and interruptions that your staff experience.

MSPs employ a set of tools to monitor your network and work to proactively be aware of problems that may be occurring within your environment before the end-user ever experiencing issues. An issue experienced by the end-user is a sign of failure on the part of your provider than the number of tickets they generate each month. Common user-based problems that are categorized, analyzed, and monitored for solutions include the following:

Does the user require some additional training to ease their discomfort with the applications?

Is the desktop at fault, and does it need either additional resources or perhaps replacement?

Is it a simple need to reset a password?

Are there policies and procedures in place in the organization that benefits the IT infrastructure?

MSPs employ this analysis and action-based approach to establish solutions that will allow the user to be more productive and reduce the number of tickets that need to be issued.

The goal of an MSP is to be seen less based on the monitoring, management, and solutions they provide.

Businesses pay for security systems to monitor their physical location. They spend vast amounts of money on new and improved ways to keep criminals out of their offices but repeatedly overlook securing their most significant asset, their business data. Many try to compare the value of the monthly cost and associate it against hours worked, and this is counterfactual.

An MSP works in partnership with a company to seek solutions to improve the environment and provide stability and efficiency in the network. This approach leaves some with the impression an MSP is sitting in the background with nothing to do. IT professionals are constantly monitoring your IT environment. They work to improve their skills to provide the latest technological standards and spend time researching best practices for securing your infrastructure. They work to stay ahead of ransomware and phishing attempts and update patches and plugins issued by software companies. They also look for ways to continually make the path to strategic future planning as smooth as possible for each client they work with.

security is top priority

There will still be the chance a business may encounter a serious issue, even when partnered with an MSP. Like any piece of equipment, a problem can bring a server or critical part of technology offline. Having an MSP in the background will ensure that all necessary resources are allocated to bring the environment back up and operational as quickly as possible.

The success of the MSP will result in fewer tickets for a company, not more.

An MSP understands that downtime in today’s marketplace can add up quickly. In our next article, we will outline how to calculate the actual cost of downtime. Downtime is expensive, and this an excellent exercise to see the actual price to an organization when they experience downtime.



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