Top 3 Reasons to Transition to the Cloud.

Businesses are increasingly transitioning their workloads to the Cloud and with good reason! The Cloud can not only increase the way you work collaboratively and improve your cybersecurity but it also offers cost savings. The monetary reason should not be the only reason to transition to a cloud service although it is often the first reason an organization may begin with.

Transition to the Cloud for Money, Money, Money.Dollar Signs on Blue Background

While one of the biggest motivators to begin a transition to cloud computing may be to save money, a number of businesses are wondering just how significant the savings really are. Because each company is unique in their needs, it would be impossible to attach exact numbers to this type of a move. Here are some of the ways your organization might notice a difference on the bottom line:

  • No significant investments in new equipment or space to house it.
  • Expensive software and licensing fees are eliminated.
  • You only pay for what you use.
  • Flexibility when it comes to scaling up or down.
  • Downtime is decreased while productivity is increased.
  • Potential savings because of lower utility usage.

Transition to the Cloud for Improved Security.Cybersecurity lock

According to a report by Continuum, 62% of small and midsized businesses lack the in-house skills to deal with security issues and nearly half of all breaches are due to human error or system glitches. With over 71% of organizations experiencing some sort of attack in 2019, it is clear this is impacting businesses. The cost of a cyberattack will not only cost value dollars but can also slow down growth, impact employee productivity, and ruin a company’s reputation. While organizations are adapting to the threats, the cyberattacks will grow in sophistication.

Cloud vendors have invested large amounts of resources into security and they make it a top priority to ensure their products are secure but having some of the most robust measures doesn’t mean a company can turn a blind eye. It is still up to you to stay informed, educated, and knowledgeable about your business’s security.

Transition to the Cloud for Collaboration Convenience.Working in a Cafe

The modern office continually evolves and we must adapt. 2019 saw an increase in hot desks, open-concept offices, and working remotely. This only makes it more challenging to work together on documents, presentations, and proposals. There are also many businesses that are working on technology that is in desperate need of updating.

The ability to get work done from anywhere, at any time is a top concern of many small and midsized businesses. They also need to be able to work on documents together in real-time.  Add in the fact that video and AI technologies are becoming the new standard and it is easy to understand the need to ensure your staff can collaborate with ease.

Transitioning to the cloud can seem intimidating when you hear stories from the past but newer technology and more advanced security measures make the cloud a viable option for all sized businesses. In order to remain competitive in our ever-evolving marketplace, companies want to improve the way they work, at the same time as recognizing the need for advanced security measures, while maintaining a watchful eye on their bottom line. Determining the right starting point is a journey that you do not have to take alone. MicroAge IT Solutions will partner with you to help determine the best practices available to fit your budget and needs.

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