Updates, Improvements, & Innovation

Microsoft is not afraid to say they missed the on some features but they are also not afraid to be innovative and offer updates to features in their offerings. Microsoft has announced it will be adding new features to Teams that give it an edge over competitors. With the explosion in the use of Teams since the pandemic was announced and more and more workers started working remotely, Teams has been answering the need to improve the features. The number of daily active users has grown from 44 million in April to 75 million currently!

What’s New?

customize teams background

To work productively you need access to chats and channels even offline. Now you can find your most recent conversations, as well as your pinned chats and channels, are now available when working offline in Teams.

Customize Your Background – while this one may seem silly, many of us have a personality we want to shine through. Regardless of where we are working. You can now customize your background for all your Teams meetings. Click here to find out how. 

Group Chat with up to 250! Make room for everyone on your team with group chats for up to 250 participants. Watch a short video on this by clicking here!

The list continually grows as Microsoft looks for ways to improve how we meet remotely.  Being productive on the go has never been easier! Collaborating with your coworkers from wherever you’re working should be simple so you spend less time trying to figure out an app and more time using it.  Microsoft is working to ensure that it can be your reality.


Coming soon to a Teams near you.

Microsoft announced earlier this month Teams will support 49 on-screen video participants. As a user, you can expect to see a preview of this upgraded feature later this month with full availability due by the fall.

As the updates are announced, you can bet MicroAge IT Solutions will be announcing them. Stay tuned for more but in the meantime, here is just a little more information for you on how Teams can work for you, here are some of the basic tips to get you started. Click on the picture below for more.

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