Ready for a Security Breach?

There can never be enough information on current security breach trends but companies cannot possibly spend all that time at their computers researching how security breaches disrupt business. There is nothing a malicious hacker loves more than a company not ready for a security breach.

Research suggests that cyber breaches could rise by 175% over the next 5 years.

Cybercriminals do not play favorites with the size of businesses they target. Everyone from large enterprises to small businesses needs to be concerned with security. High profile data breaches and ransomware attacks in 2018 made headlines and don’t expect it to slow down anytime soon. In 2017, more than one in five Canadian companies say they were hit by a cyberattack.

What security breaches should your business be concerned with?

IoT Devices
Mitigating the risks involved with devices connecting to the Internet of Things can be tricky. Many of these items have little or no built-in security and this presents new challenges as even the smallest of devices can have serious implications. Businesses are encouraged to implement a  layered cybersecurity strategy for protection.

Technology Inventory
With only 15% of companies knowledgeable of what IoT devices are connected to their systems, it is vital companies create a comprehensive inventory of all IT infrastructure. Understanding the devices that are physically, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connected to your business network is a must. One insecure device could be disastrous.

Phishing increasingly sophisticated
It is easy to spot the fake email from the Nigerian Prince but what if that phishing email looks legit? Can your employees spot a phishing attempt? Spear phishing is increasing in sophistication and the same technology that makes your employees more productive also makes cybercriminals just as dynamic.

Ransomware declining as Cryptojacking increases
Crytojacking uses ransomware-like tactics to mine cryptocurrency either through a malicious email link or an infected website. This crypto-mining code then works in the background as the end-users continue on normally. It has been suggested that there is a 30% increase in this activity.

Endpoint Detection & Response
Security breaches are not often discovered right away and using the right endpoint detection and response tools can make a huge difference. Once again, this relies on having a layered approach to cybersecurity and with experienced technology professionals in high demand, it is a major issue for many organizations to hire the right skill set.

Ensuring Your Cloud is Secure
The cloud offers new ways to be productive and brings many benefits to all businesses but it also opens up new risks. Working with a reputable company to ensure your risks are minimized is important.

The overarching theme of all cybersecurity is using a layered approach that connects and intertwines each element of your IT infrastructure with each other. Installing a bunch of different security products on your computer or network is not what is meant by a layered approach. If you are unsure or need help mapping out the right approach, MicroAge can help. Contact us and let’s talk tech.


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