Reducing Digital Vulnerabilities

Reducing digital vulnerabilities your company may be facing can be challenging. The data your company keeps filed on its servers or network is money in this digital age and not just a few dollars’ worth. It is what keeps you in business and what cybercriminals will do just about anything to get their hands on. As businesses try to figure out the best way to accommodate newly implemented health guidelines, remote worker strategies, hybrid working arrangements, and other ways to be productive, it is vital to rethink an organization’s IT infrastructure requirements.

Strategizing on best practices must include digital security, productive means of collaboration, and IT infrastructure alternatives when looking at reducing digital vulnerabilities. IT management is and will continue to be the mainstay of growth strategies. The changing market and altering business landscapes will need to be navigated. The way we conduct business must address key components such as cloud computing, data storage, data management, network and connectivity issues, cyber threats and security breaches, and the lack of resources for technology innovations.

The link between all of these concerns and business success can be complex for most companies. Navigating the day to day operations has been challenging enough. There hasn’t been time to look at reducing digital vulnerabilities nevermind towards how one should keep up with the trends heading into 2021. Businesses need to make reliable choices based on the challenges they are facing.

Unfortunately, most SMBs just do not have the resources available.

2020 has created more questions than answers but by rethinking your IT now, you will be creating a strategy for success.

Start by addressing a few simple security issues, increasing awareness among your employees, and remaining vigilant about cybersecurity, and your organization will be ahead of most businesses out there.

  1. Have a cybersecurity policy in place
  2. Update Software
  3. Backup your data
  4. Limited the number of “all-access” privileged users in your organization
  5. Use two-factor authentication
  6. Password security
  7. Educated employees on cyber safety

The need for operational resiliency has never been greater. Keep this in mind as you begin to look to the future in 2021.

Get the most from your IT

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