Ransomware – To Pay or Not to Pay Shouldn’t Even be a Question.

Ransomware was the #1 threat in 2020 and it continues to dominate the headlines. When hit with a ransomware attack many businesses are faced with a decision on whether or not they will pay what is being demanded.

We could make this article super short because the answer is no!

Definitely do not pay the asking price to regain access to your data because even if you give in and pay, remember, you are dealing with cyberthugs who aren’t too worried about staying true to their word. There are even companies that are building ransomware payments into their budgets rather than focussing on mitigating these attacks from the get-go!

We have said time and again the best approach to cybersecurity is a layered approach. Here is a list that you can use to ensure you can identify and protect your business from cyber threats and position your organization for the best possible outcome when responding to and recovering from a breach. Here are some of the layers that need to be added to your security approach.

  1. Employees – approximately 90% of all security breaches are cause by humans and the best way to keeping this layer up to date and secure is training and education.
  2. Outer Layer of your Network – this includes firewalls, encryption, anti-virus software and device management.
  3. Who has Access to What – Employees need access to the parts that affect their jobs this way if a hacker is able to gain access through this employee, the damage is limited.
  4. Any device connected to your network – the number of devices on networks these days is overwhelming. It is important to have a policy in place to monitor and manage these devices.
  5. Applications – Ensure patch management and software updates are preformed in a timely manner.
  6. Data – This layer involves file and disk encryption, performing regular backups, two-factor authentication, and policies in place for ensuring devices no longer being used are wiped clean.
  7. Protecting Critical Assets – this includes anything your business could not survive without and ensuring they are protected. Operating systems, records, software tools, financial records and cloud infrastructure are a few examples.

Even if there is a dedicated IT team under your roof, there can be a lot of pieces to manage to ensure your data is protected. MicroAge would be happy to discuss the parts of your layered security approach that you may need some assistance with. Contact us today and let’s talk tech.

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