Get Starting with Microsoft Teams

Use this Microsoft Teams Guide to alleviate the pressures as many team members are social distancing or self-isolating but still need to work collaboratively. Teamwork is vital to staying productive. For years, many organizations have been using Microsoft Teams to work remotely with feeling disconnected from their team. Teams offer you a platform to invite everyone you work with to work together.  Teams provide access to previous meeting notes and recordings with content that is at your fingertips. Video makes the meeting more personal and offers the chance to share your screen to share more information.

We have compiled all the videos you need to get started with Teams. Learn how to bring your team together, no matter where they are working. Click on each title to learn how working remotely is simple when you have Microsoft Teams.

Welcome to Microsoft Teams

Using the command box in Microsoft Teams

Go-to guide for Microsoft Teams

Overview of Microsoft Teams and Channels

Chats and Calls in Microsoft Teams

Power of Tabs in Microsoft Teams

Working in Channels in Microsoft Teams

Create Instant Meetings

Manage Meetings in Microsoft Teams

Whether you’re new to Microsoft Teams or not, download this quick start guide and have the basics of getting your team collaborating quickly at your disposal.

Quick Start Guide

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