Success with Outsourcing.

Being successful in outsourcing some of a business’s resources can be accomplished with the right partnership. While there is no single approach that works for all companies, a valued managed service provider (MSP) will partner with an organization to determine the best strategy that is needed desired outcomes. Small businesses all the way up to large corporations see the logic in having some if not all their IT outsourced to free up resource to focus on more strategic initiatives.

A misconception that many businesses hold about an MSP is they will have to give up control of their network. Many believe that an MSP operates in one of two forms of outsourcing. The first being staff augmentation in which a company will use additional resources only when needed. The second form is called co-sourcing. This is when a company and service provider both offer resources to a specific project. Both of these models do nothing to form a relationship with either party and therefore there is no chance for trust to be built.

MicroAge IT Solutions works to partner with each individual company it works with. We believe each partner plays an important role. We understand the organization is looking for specific outcomes and MicroAge looks to manage their IT environment and define how to achieve those outcomes. In creating a platform for open communication, we take the time to hear the concerns and offer our expertise necessary to solve the issues.

In order for this relationship to be successful, there are specific keys that will lend to the success

Letting Go Of Traditional Roles

Productivity is often linked to the amount of work one sees going into a project. A manager sees you at your desk working, therefore sees the productivity. That is not the case when outsourcing to an MSP. After the initial communication on the desired outcomes, the MSP will set up the necessary resources to achieve the results wanted. The less you see your MSP, the better. This means that they are doing their jobs and proactively managing your network.


Working Within An Agreed Upon Structure

The services that an MSP provides are complex and solution based for maximum results for their clients. Businesses expect Service Agreement levels when outsourcing, that ensure a response to their concerns are based upon their business requirements and more importantly, the resolution time is within these guidelines so that their staff can do their jobs and remain productive.


Key Contacts

Having the right contact within your organization when outsourcing to an MSP can create success as well. The key contact within the company should understand the role the MSP has and be a leader that is able to work collaboratively with the MSP. They do not necessarily need a technical background but rather a good sense of what your specific business needs are.


The success of the partnership between a business and an MSP will ultimately lie in the communication between the two. The more open and honest each party is with each other the more likely the specific outcomes will be met. The future of IT will continue to revolutionize the way that companies conduct their business and companies deserves the expertise and knowledge that a managed service provider can offer. Outsourcing can lead to success.


MicroAge believes in educating business on the benefits of partnering with an MSP.

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