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Need Help with your Cloud Security? You Are Not Alone.

2020 forced many organizations to adopt cloud technologies to answer the sudden shift to remote work. No surprise that challenges arose because of this need for an accelerated digital transformation. On top of trying to keep their team’s health top of mind, businesses also needed to ensure those same teams were productive and collaborating. This led to challenges that many organizations were unprepared to address.

A recent survey conducted by Netwrix Research showed the top challenges organizations faced in securing sensitive data in the cloud included 54% of responding organizations, said they lacked experienced IT staff. 47% said they didn’t have the budget to oversee these security threats, and 44% lacked the cloud security expertise needed to carry out its cloud security.  

Backing up these findings is one in four respondents who worked in an IT department indicated they were strongly encouraged by managers and supervisors to ensure a hasty move to digital transformation. Many organizations were slow to adopt a remote work plan before the pandemic, so It is not surprising that many companies had to move quickly to ensure their businesses did not sink when health measures were implemented.

So what were the top security factors that many businesses had to contend with?

The security incidents in the cloud that caused the most concern were phishing attempts (40%), ransomware (24%) and accidental data leakage (17%). This could stem from the fact that half of the organizations listed the lack of cloud security knowledge as a concern. 25% of the same respondents say that uncertain processes and the lack of proper tools coupled with workloads that skyrocketed are also to blame. The biggest concern for 68% of CIOs is the lack of budget to deal with the problems.

With many IT teams overworked and understaffed, how can a business ensure their IT is looked after properly to avoid issues?

Partnering with an experienced Managed Service Provider is a prudent choice.  Look for an MSP that can offer innovative, reliable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions tailored to meet your networking environment. It would help if you had an IT partner that provides customized IT solutions designed to improve your business performance, allowing you to achieve your goals.

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