Microsoft 365 Updates

Removing the option to use ‘Office Presentation Service’ from the Windows version of PowerPoint

Microsoft will be retiring the feature ‘Office Presentation Service’ from the Windows version of PowerPoint. They will be removing the ‘Office Presentation Service’ option/button from the “Present Online” menu under SlideShow ribbon in PowerPoint for Windows. Instead it is recommended to use the utilization of “Present Live” in PowerPoint for the Web which is where they will continue to invest resources.

This will be gradually rolled out in early June as part of the monthly release of PowerPoint. Once this change is implemented users will no longer be able to broadcast their presentation from the PowerPoint Windows application. Using “Present Live” in PowerPoint for the Web (aka Live Presentations) will allow users to:
• Presenters to broadcast a presentation to an in-room audience.
• Presenter to limit control to just people in your organization.
• Audience members can see a presentation on their devices.
• Audience members can read live subtitles in their preferred language while you speak (Subtitles in 60+ languages)
• Audiences can use “pinch to zoom” to see the slides more clearly on mobile devices.
• Audience can send live reactions to the presenter and navigate back to review previous slides

Instead of using ‘Office Presentation Service’ in PowerPoint, it is recommended to use ‘Present Live’ in PowerPoint for the Web.
Find more information about “Live Presentations” here: Present Live: Engage your audience with Live Presentations

(Updated) Release of new Yammer Desktop experience and Retirement of existing Yammer Desktop

Microsoft has have updated the timing on this. The new Yammer experience capabilities, announced in November of 2020, is now available to current Yammer Desktop App users, either through the Communities App in Teams or the new Yammer Desktop experience in the form of a Progressive Web App (PWA). The new installable Yammer Desktop Application (PWA) was released at the end of March 2021 to all customers and the Communities… App in Teams is already available for all users to download. The current Yammer Desktop Application will be retired on July 31st, 2021.

If users in your organization are actively using the current Yammer Desktop app or plan to start using it soon please be aware of these upcoming changes. When the new installable Desktop Application is released, Microsoft will have in-app banners to help users transition to the new Desktop experience. Up until retirement on July 31st, 2021 there will be support for the existing experience and address high priority items. After July 31st, 2021 if users open the current Yammer Desktop app they will see a blocking banner with information about the new desktop experiences available to them.
Additionally, on April 1st Microsoft will block new downloads of the current Yammer Desktop experience

To prepare for this change, it is recommended to make the existing Yammer Desktop App users aware of what is coming and share the end user support documentation on the new installable Desktop experience for them to download and enable notifications.

Teams meeting invite recipients limit from Outlook

There have been changes to limit the number of individual recipients allowed for scheduling a Teams meeting from Outlook (WIn32 client only at this time). This limit will apply to meetings created with more than 750 recipients in the invite. This limit does not apply to the content of Distribution Lists and therefore users are encouraged to use Distribution Lists when inviting a large number of attendees to a Teams meeting. Expect this change to occur in late June.

Search across images with Microsoft Search

Image search in Microsoft provides a new search vertical to provide better search capabilities for images in your organization. After this change, a new image vertical will be available to allow for scoping your search results to images that satisfy the intent of the query. This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 68780. This will begin in mid-June and expect to be completely rolled out in mid-July.

Learn more about search verticals by clicking here.

Teams Mobile – Large Gallery in meetings update

Beginning in mid-June, with completion by late July, the “Large Gallery” layout for meetings on Teams mobile is getting an upgrade! This layout will become mobile-optimized, letting you swipe through all the participants in a meeting. This is rolling out on the Teams iOS and Android app.

This release will improve the experience for users who join Teams mobile meetings by positioning up to 10 participants per page on your screen on both phone and tablets and allowing you to swipe through all attendees while in a meeting. This experience will be available for iOS 13+, Android OS 9+ or any version with more than 4GB RAM. Devices below these configurations will continue to see the current experience of lower resolution videos with no swipe-through ability.

End-to-end encryption for Teams calling

End-to-end encryption is the encryption of information at its origin and decryption at its intended destination without the ability for intermediate nodes to decrypt. Teams will support an option to use end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for ad hoc 1:1 Teams VoIP calls. To support customer security and compliance requirements, IT will have full control of who can use E2EE in the organization. This update will begin early July and is expected to be completed by mid-July.

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