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Starting in May 2021, Microsoft will be more strictly enforcing limits across all mailboxes to protect the health of our systems and ensure optimal mail flow performance for all customers. This is not a new limit but up to now it has been a soft limit. No direct action is required on your part, though it is recommended that you review the established limits and update training and documentation as appropriate.

Your team will have access to new comments experience in Word with improved keyboard shortcuts as well as improved @mentions and notifications. This update provides a consistent commenting experience across Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Users will be able to respond to comments directly from an email notification.

Microsoft introduced Designer in Word for the web, a feature that offers formatting consistency and style variety for every document on April 29th. This feature will help writers create documents with a consistent look-and-feel. It provides a variety of themes to help writers create documents that better communicate ideas visually.

If you have configured Graph Connectors, you should start seeing results from the connectors in the All tab in the end-points. With Graph connectors result clusters, enterprises can search for content from third-party connector data sources in their default view, the All tab, in SharePoint,, and Microsoft Search in Bing.

Browse, drill into, and export feedback (for the previous 18 months) that your users submitted about their experiences with Microsoft 365 products to take actions to address or manage the feedback from your team. This new experience will allow you to get transparency into your users’ experiences and sentiment with the Microsoft 365 products they’re using.

Previous Updates

Get started with Microsoft Graph Toolkit at Microsoft Learn – Microsoft Graph Toolkit is for developers interested in building web-based productivity and collaboration solutions in a simple way. It is a set of HTML components and authentication providers that help you build a complete experience with three lines of code.

Find, do, and discover with Cortana & Microsoft 365 – Cortana is your personal assistant in Microsoft 365, you can take back control of your day, organize your work, and plan ahead to achieve more. Time is priceless and while we can’t own it, we can make the best use of it.

The Whiteboard in Teams Channels and chat – For projects and longer-term discussions, you can now create a whiteboard associated with a Teams channel or chat. Members of the channel or chat can iterate and collaborate on the whiteboards over time.

Adding more cloud-based Microsoft 365 Apps admin capabilities – Microsoft overwhelmingly heard about challenges balancing the need to stay focused on strategy and business problems, with the work that often gets in the way of that-managing deployments, security updates, and support calls from users. That’s why they are excited to share new features to make this easier!

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