Microsoft 365-Same Great Tool, New Name

Have you ever looked at the name of a product and wondered why they named it that? Well, Microsoft did, and they heard customers found it confusing and challenging to determine the best product choice to fit their needs. Updating the names of Office 365  to Microsoft 365 SMB offerings will make it simpler for businesses to find the right level of value. On April 21st. 2020 these changes will come into effect. There are no pricing, feature, or business model changes to commercial subscriptions.

So what exactly is  changing with Microsoft 365?

outline of changes being made to O365 name

As stated, there are no changes to

  • Subscription prices
  • Product features
  • Offer IDs and SKUs
  • Office 365 Enterprise SKU names

The apps you know and trust are still at the heart of Microsoft 365, and this change only reflects the value-added from its growth. Over the years, it has introduced other apps, capabilities, a connection to the Microsoft 365 cloud, and a new user-based licensing approach that defines the experience around the user.

description of Microsoft 365 services

The only change you will see is the name of your subscription will be updated. That is it. The features you are familiar with, the value you expect, and the experience you are comfortable using will continue.

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