Keep from Getting Hooked!

Can your employees spot phishing attempts?

Phishing attacks on unsuspecting businesses net criminals millions of dollars per year. Prevention can substantially reduce your company’s risk. By providing employee education your organization can protect itself.

Cyber phishing occurs when an employee receives an email recommending that they update their security access or password. Without the proper training, they may not understand this is an attempt to gain information. They assume that this is a security measure your company has issued and may click on the link, and enter the original password along with the “updated” one. Unfortunately, they have now given the criminals exactly what they want – a back door into your business and identity.

Many business owners rely on antivirus and firewall programs and forget that the best prevention measure against phishing is the proactive training of employees.

Steps to Stop Phishing in the Workplace

    • Have annual or bi-annual TRAINING SESSIONS with your employees surrounding cyber-security best practices.
      Bring in a CYBER-SECURITY EXPERT, like those at MicroAge, to provide the latest information for the training or to lead the training
    • TEACH EMPLOYEES to spot phishing emails by using clues such as
      • Requests for personal information
      • Misspelled words
      • Off-colour or outdated header banners
      • A hyperlink with the correct name of the sending company but including extra characters before the forward-slash – like www.yourbank.com-vyr.info/
      • A hyperlink that does not make sense and the link needs to be checked first by hovering over it to see where it is taking you.
    • Teach your employees to CHECK WITH THE SENDER of an email before clicking or giving the sender requested information if they think it may not be real
    • Keep information that could be used to injure your identity, personal finances, or business on a NEED TO KNOW BASIS within the organization. Employees cannot divulge information that they do not have to criminals using phishing.

    MicroAge offers cybercrime prevention training. Visit our website, contact us today at 1-877-309-1919, or sales@microage.cc.

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