IoT (Internet of Things)

Any physical object can become part of the Internet of Things (IoT) if it can be connected to the internet and controlled that way. The commercials you see advertising how your phone can now be connected to your oven shows us just how many devices are connected to the internet, collecting and sharing data.

While your new oven may be a part of the IoT, your PC is not considered an IoT device. An IoT device is one that wouldn’t normally be expected to have an internet connection. Your smartphone is not an IoT device either, but a fitness band you wear may be.

But why is this important?

Initially, the IoT was interesting to businesses because of the information that could be shared between two pieces of equipment but as sensors and an internet connection because less expensive and more available, it became possible to connect more and more items. All of this was and is done of course for data. Data is necessary and the reason why over 8 billion devices were in use in 2017. This number is expected to grow to over 20 billion by 2020.

Businesses want information about their own products and private systems and need the ability to make changes as a result. Don’t think that the IoT is just for the big players, SMBs need to implement practical initiatives as well.

SMBs should have a plan for IoT.

Look for practical ways that IoT will work right away. The implementation should not be lengthy and results should be immediate. Security and monitoring systems are a great example of this. Another is tracking systems for mobile devices. With the workforce more mobile than ever, this is needed as a way to protect your investment.

Ensure the IoT you choose can be added to or built upon. Its no secret that what is popular today will have something more useful or an upgraded product will be available in the future. The investment you make today needs to be able to grow into the future.

IoT security is necessary. As this market grows at such a rapid rate, you will want to know that the products you are bringing into your company are cybersecurity and protect against identity theft, internet downtime, and privacy breaches.

The IoT is growing daily and providing information that is sought after in every industry. Investing in IoT for your business, regardless of size, is a wise investment and knowing where to put your dollars is fundamental. Smart devices are here to stay and only growing more imperative to our busy lives.


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