Infrastructure Checklist

Regardless of the size of your organization, today’s business leaders not only need technology to help them manage daily tasks but also to stay competitive. Businesses need a network that is reliable, secure and performing to your company’s standards. This mix is crucial for success and creating an infrastructure checklist can help.

The following can be used as an infrastructure checklist to know where your business may need to invest in your IT infrastructure.

Nothing stops productivity faster than downtime. When employees can’t access the information to complete their tasks, it leads to lost revenues for your company. Understanding what each employee requires from a network can help you appreciate what your business IT needs are. What type of server will perform best for daily tasks? Will there be a need for a virtual private network (VPN)? These are just examples of what to ask when determining your system needs.

Phone System
Even in our world filled with email, texting and other means of communicating through technology, businesses still need a reliable phone system. Options available to organizations vary from the tradition “land line” to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to mobile phones and how they interact within your existing phone structure. Does your business have a need for a conference room phone? Is a call center used to help during busier times? In our market that is becoming more global, does your company have long distance or international calling costs? Taking the time to answer questions such as these, could save you time and money in the future.

Software not only makes processes more efficient but it also adds a level of accuracy and mobility. Start by understanding which Operating System is best suited for your needs and move to decide which programs are appropriate for your needs from there. Understanding the number of users and the demands required to perform their work will help you in discerning the right software products. Choosing the best-suited programs doesn’t have to be complicated with an expert such as MicroAge on your side.

The capital expenses tied to this investment are considerable, and it is one of the most critical decisions to be made. Will there be desktop workstations or will your staff require mobile technology such as laptop and tablets? What type of servers, storage, and firewalls will be needed? Other considerations include which printers, scanners, and copy machines will be used and how all these components interact.

Business Continuity
A business continuity plan is not something to be overlooked. It is not a matter of if a disaster will strike but when and how severe it will be. Data loss can happen at any time and can have an impact on your business if you are not prepared. Backup and Disaster Recovery is a must for every company to keep operating even after unforeseen circumstances affect your operation.

IT services
The IT industry continues to change and evolve. Systems are complex and require an expert that you can rely on. IT professionals are in demand more than ever, and it is essential your business has someone to turn to with questions or concerns about all aspects of your IT infrastructure. Cybersecurity needs to be proactive to stay ahead of those looking to hack into your system. Monitoring and maintenance doesn’t have to be a massive undertaking when you outsource it for solutions such as these.

Technology is increasing at a fast rate, often faster than most companies can keep up with. Understanding the best solutions to use in your business can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. Knowing your business needs and being able to address them is necessary for business growth and success. An infrastructure checklist can help you create and also keep you on target of your technology goals.

Get the most from your IT

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