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I Don’t Need Help with My Network. Do I?

IT is complicated. It is not the type of thing you talk much about at the water cooler unless the network is down or you work for a technology company. Some brave souls are willing to wade into the technology research pool only to find themselves waist deep with no clear answers to the questions they thought they needed a solution too.

It is impossible to be everything to everyone, and small and midsized business owners know this all too well. Technology is required to be productive but hiring a technician is out of reach for an already stretched budget. So how can you get the biggest bang for your buck?

Wait a min! You’re thinking. I am doing just fine with how things are working right now. There is no need to look outside my company for someone to look after my IT infrastructure!

For some that may be true but think about the last time you chose to ignore the button reminding you of those updates your system is doing without. And what about those patches you heard your system needs? Do you know the last time you backed up your system and tested it to ensure there would be no glitches when you need it?

Partnering with an MSP is a sure fire way to know that your technology is being taken care of to reduce downtime and increase productivity. The other option is to hire an IT manager but the average cost of hiring someone with experience is approximately $60,000, and that is just a salary. This does not include benefits, office space, vacation time, and training.

Talk to an MSP that offers different levels of service if you are unsure of how working with an outside source will work for your business. Many offer a number of varying levels of service. An MSP also comes with a team of professionals that are up to date on necessary skills and knowledge that can address all your IT concerns such as network monitoring, management of your technology, cybersecurity, and much more. An MSP’s concern is to ensure that your outages, network failures, and security fears are kept to a minimum.

An MSP is a perfect choice for a company that is looking to save money without cutting needed resources. Your IT infrastructure keeps your organization’s doors open to your customers. You need a healthy IT system for day to day operations. Organizations that realize their IT network and computer systems are an essential business tool for productively are also the growth drivers in today’s market.



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