Have Password Fatigue? Here is a Solution!

We’ve all walked by someone’s desk to see a bunch of sticky notes with random characters scrawled on them in plain view or the spreadsheet that is left open on their desktop that contains all their passwords. Or maybe you are the guilty party that hides their passwords in plain sight. And who hasn’t sent a password through email to a coworker that needed it ASAP? This article is for those that have witnessed this type of password storage or are actively using this method.

These are the easiest ways for others to gain access to passwords and all it takes is one compromised Microsoft 365 or G Suite account for an attacker to bring a business to a standstill.

A better alternative is using a business enterprise password management solution. Because let’s face it, good passwords are not that easy to come up with for the many things we need to use a password for. A password management system offers an easy-to-use, secure hub to store and manage passwords and other confidential information.

Enterprise Password management software uses security controls to prevent both internal and external threats and provides password security for all types of privileged accounts in your company. It is more than a password manager or vault to store them. All businesses experience turnaround with people and projects that are complete and forget to remove access to files that are no longer needed. Businesses need to either change or remove passwords in real-time to mitigate risk.

Businesses need to keep their network security in tip-top shape and the IT department could be more productive with their resources than as a password retrieval tool. This software will also eliminate password fatigue and security lapses. Your business is not alone with these issues but know that they can be managed. A password is arguably the most common security measure available and one of the most vulnerable things on earth.

Ask us how your business can increase security measures by using Enterprise Password management software. Contact us for information on adding this layer of protection to your cybersecurity solution.

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