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Designed to work within the needs of the remote worker, Microsoft 365 allows you to get more done through challenging times by providing an integrated solution to bring together productivity, collaboration, and security. Whether your team is using a laptop, desktop, or mobile device, Teams offer the ability to get the job done from virtually anywhere at any time.

Small business owners spend an average of 33 hours a month on admin tasks.

If you are one of those owners, we know that often you are just looking for ways to save time and focus energies on tasks such as sales or business development. OneDrive for Business can help! Find files, share documents, collaborate with others with anyone, regardless of whether they are inside or outside of your organization. Microsoft 365 gives you 1TB of storage which allows plenty of room for files and employing the power of the cloud will help you to work even smarter, rather than harder! Here’s how!

  1. Save an edited file in OneDrive.
  2. Open a new email in Outlook and select Attach, then Upload and Share.
  3. Select the file you want from OneDrive and then hit send.

This will not only send the latest version of the file you need to work on, but because it is an OneDrive linked file, your inbox is not cluttered up and everyone will be working on the most recent version.

Getting everyone on the same page at one time can be like herding cats some days!

Scheduling a meeting time, saving a space, worrying about social distancing is enough to make anyone through their hands up in frustration! It is possible to have everyone working on one project, chatting, meeting, and collaborating without all the fuss. Microsoft 365 Teams brings together the people and information in a shared workspace with group chat, calling, and online meeting capabilities. Not in your home office? No problem! Connect on your mobile device to still be a part of the group and you can also interact with over 250 business apps such as Trello, Evernote, Adobe, Github, and Zendesk to name a few.

  1. Open Teams and start a chat with a coworker or move effortlessly to a voice call or video call.
  2. One the call has been started, use the Share Screen option to review the document you want to work on together.
  3. Now you and whoever else is on the call, can view the document at the same time to discuss, make revisions, or just inform.
  4. Need more people to join the Teams call? Select Invite more people and boom! You are all working together from wherever you might be.


Keeping your customers close in a time when people are keeping their distance doesn’t have to hinder your business relationships.

If you are looking for a smart and effortless method of keeping track of appointments or managing customer data in a spreadsheet, Microsoft 365 Bookings is a great tool to check out! This interface allows you to manage the booking process with flexibility. Not only will it automatically scheduling appointments, but Bookings also gives workers the flexibility to manually schedule, reschedule, cancel, or otherwise modify appointments based on stray phone calls and emails from customers. The best part is it’s both an online and mobile app!

  1. In the Bookings navigation pane, select Booking page.
  2. Verify your scheduling policies are correct and then select Save and publish.
  3. Select Open published page to see your page in a web browser.

These are just the tip of the iceberg in what Microsoft 365 can offer your company. Keep following us for more tips and tricks that offer peace of mind.

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