Solution to Not Having Your Email Hacked

Having your email hacked is costly and time-consuming. Email is the central entry point for cyber hackers to try and gain access to a company’s valuable data. Data breaches continue to be a top concern with companies despite constant messages of the different attempts of breaches. The number one security issue associated with these attacks may actually surprise you.

User behavior continues to be the number one reason a company’s email is hacked.

Companies are well aware of the fact it only takes one message to be clicked on and the entire network is affected. The downtime required to clean up when an attempt or worse, the disastrous repercussions of a significant breach can be costly for any size of business. Even with the amount of information published on the repercussions of having email hacked, there are still those in offices that think this can’t happen to them.  All of the following happen to staff just like yours.

Phishing attempts.

Identity theft.

Viruses attacks.


As the technology to keep these unwanted visitors out gets better so does the methods the criminals use to try and get in.  All it takes is one simple slip up, one time clicking on that email that looks legit, one time answering back to what you maybe thought was suspicious but ignored the warning signs. But we’re not telling you anything you don’t know about having your email hacked. 

The fact of the matter is, end users are ultimately the ones that can prevent or trigger a harmful event. It has been shown that even after email awareness education is presented, there are still those that will take the phishing bait regardless. Email is essential to business communications and there isn’t a company out there that does not rely on it. With this in mind, how does an organization protect its data?

The best email security needs to have a strategy and policy behind it to keep your email protected.

Step one: Understand the threats that your organization faces

Step two: Control the messages coming into your business

Step three: Authenticate your email

Step four: Combine encryption with data loss prevention

Step five: Employ real-time threat response

The best defense to any situation is a great offense and creating a cybersecurity culture with your employees will benefit the entire organization. Taking the time necessary to understand the risks and threats your business faces and identifying the current vulnerable area will set you up for success in creating an email security defense.


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