Steps to Efficiently Work Together with Microsoft Teams

Teams allow businesses of any size to smoothly and efficiently work together. This solution enables you to bring together people from inside and outside your organization where collaborate is desired or required. You can securely share documents, edit them in real-time, chat, and generally work together. Teams will simplify your communications needs and pull together your access to other Office 365 services, making it a hub for collaboration.

These are the steps you need to ensure users are chatting, sharing files, and collaborating.

Step 1. Create The First Team and Channels

Teams consist of people with common goals, who normally work together, or who have common interests. These teams are made up of channels that are built around topics or departments. The channels are where you will carry out conversations, link files, or collaborate on projects together. Adding tabs in the channels will help you better organize the files or apps to make the task easier.

Click to watch a video for a quick overview of step 1. 

Step 2. Sending and Posting Messages

Select the channel you want to post your message, click on a conversation already happening or start a new one. You can format your message and include links to documents as well. Then hit send and off it goes to your team. If you need to grab someone’s attention, use an @ mention. Type @ then their name and they will be notified. If you need to grab the entire team’s attention, use the @ with the team name and all members of that team will be notified. Was there an important message that you’d like to reference in the future? That is no problem! You can save the post you want to keep track of.

Step 3. File Sharing

If you have a document you need others to weigh in on or edit, you can do it in a few different ways. You can add the file in the chat by clicking on the paperclip then linking it. Or you can also upload it through the files tab in the channel. This is also where you can view other documents that have been uploaded or linked.

Step 4. Chats, Calls, and Meetings

Working in a team can be great for collaboration but there will be times when a private conversation needs to take place. By clicking on the chat icon, you can have one-on-one talks, or with one that one if you need too. You can also call or video chat with individuals from your chat as well. Easy to navigate, simple to use, and it is all laid out at your fingertips! Manage meetings, share your screen, or show a PowerPoint. All this can be done right in teams, making it the go-to for group participation.

Step 5. Adding Tools and Apps

Each channel will have different needs and requirements to make their tasks easier. Each channel is equipped with tabs that allow you to ensure the apps, files, and services for that team. Each channel already has three tabs in it; conversations, files, and wiki. You can add more tabs to customize that workspace for each team.

The best part of all of this? Teams is available on the go as well. Your team members can participate in chats, meetings, and calls right from their mobile device. Collaboration really can happen from anywhere at any time.


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