Data Breach Headlines Are Not Fake News

Headlines that draw our attention to a data breach are ones that businesses would rather avoid but with issues trending at such a fast rate, it is definitely something to keep on top of. Cloud security has shown great promises for businesses but like all good things, a proactive approach is necessary for tackling these issues.

it truly does not matter what size of business you have for a data breach to occur. Hackers want your data regardless.

With the increase in working from home, there has been a surge in the number of data breach attempts. In the race to ensure employees could be productive from home, companies needed to make sure all their staff had the proper equipment as well as network and access to the necessary documents. But in this rush to enable this to happen, there have been gaps in cybersecurity and the hackers have not wasted any time exploited this fact.

Research is showing that since the start of the pandemic, remote workers have been the cause of a data breach in 20% of organizations. This resulted in unexpected costs to address cybersecurity breaches and this could be due to staff not using best practices when it comes to security.

Keep in mind that over the course of the last few months, data breaches involving phishing emails have increased with thousands of separate campaigns and fraudulent domains connected to the pandemic have surged. Hackers have a tendency to hit hard when life is a source of frenzied preoccupation. They feed off the fact your staff may be dealing with kids at home, spouses working across the kitchen table, worry, and the million other things going through the minds of so many vulnerable workers.

While most companies have cybersecurity standards for the office, working remotely can muddle those rules. Here are some guidelines to consider.

  • Avoid public WiFi. Rather, use an encrypted personal hotspot.
  • Try to keep work data on work computers or use a portal or remote access environment like Microsoft 365 where you can work online without downloading files.
  • At home, it is easy to know who is watching you work but if you choose a change of scenery and work in a public space, it is a little more difficult to avoid the possibility of someone behind you watching everything you type.
  • Never leave devices in the open in a public space to run to the bathroom or to take a call. Never leave your device in a car either. Put it in the truck or take it with you.
  • Have a work from home policy that employees understand.

Business data is a hot commodity and hackers will go to the extreme to get at it. A layered approach to cybersecurity is always a best practice but the rules in place in the office are not always followed from home. Make sure your employees are set up for success in this area.

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