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10 Tips for Cyber Safe Employees

It’s no secret that cybercrime is on the rise. Breaches and ransomware continue to make headlines over and over, and more businesses understand the importance of implementing a layered approach to securing their IT infrastructure. MicroAge IT Solutions can equip your organization with the products to safeguard your valuable data, but you and your employees need to also play a role in ensuring your network security.

The following are the top suggestions for educating your employees about cybersecurity.

1. Regular Training on Cybersecurity

The easiest way to achieve this is to include it on each and every business agenda. Cover any new threats that have surfaced. Malware, phishing attempts, and ransomware are evolving as fast as the rest of the technology. A quick google search will always give you an example to use at your next meeting.

2. Cybersecurity from the top down

Top management is often the target of cybercrime because of the high level of access to critical data. Hackers will look for those at the top and ways to get to them. Make sure that executives are not left out of the loop when it comes to cybersecurity training.

3. Policies and Procedures

An organization that takes time to create cybersecurity policies is a step ahead of most. This practice is not only for a large corporation, but small and midsized companies should also have a plan in place as well. Engaging all staff is critical to keeping your operations as cyber secure as possible.

4. Who has access to what

Not all employees need access to all data. Knowing who needs what information is essential to creating your policies. Making sure that employees have the information they need to do their jobs properly is vital, but so is protecting your companies assets.

5. Be in the know

Even if you have taken all precautions possible, there is still the chance that your company can be hit with a cyber attack. Keeping all staff trained on what to do if there is a cyber incident. No different than fire drills or other disaster training, cyber-attacks can do as much or more damage to your business.

6. Passwords

It can seem mundane to have to change passwords all the time and coming up with a creative password can be a struggle but make no mistake, it is an integral part of cybersecurity. The smallest of things can make a big difference.

7. Run regular drills

Practicing your cyber policies will keep employees ready should an attack occur. Space out drills enough that they do not become repetitive or staff will not take them seriously. Make sure that new employees are trained, and employees who have left are taken out of the system.

Your best defense against cybercrime is a good offense. MicroAge IT Solutions can help you create a policy and bring the right resources that you need. We have packages to fit all budgets. Call or email us today to start securing your workplace against cybercrime.


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