Cybersecurity is a Global Problem with Local Solutions 

Our world is interconnected from living in a digital age. From individuals being connected to businesses, businesses connect to suppliers, governments to business, and governments connected back to individuals. This speaks to the business side of things. Add social media and the ever-growing internet of things and you have an entire global population that is digitally connected.  

This is not going to change.  

We are not going to work backward from this point to purchasing large filing cabinets again. No, we will continue to push forward and technology will continue to improve and the cybercriminals will continue to evolve as well. Why? Because cybercrime pays. 

Back 100 years ago, thieves rode horses and attacked stagecoaches. Then the train was a popular target. Move through the years and the pattern has always been to target where the money is. In today’s economy, data is priceless. All organizations need it to operate and cybercriminals know this and use it to their advantage.  

Cybercrime is organized crime. These criminals work with the small guiding principles as any ordinary company. There are marketing departments. Sales teams. Finance and IT departments. There are hackers that work office house with weekends and holidays off. Not to mention the crime-as-a-service industry that is growing year after year. These cybercrime businesses have the look and feel of legitimate businesses.  

At one time the only way a criminal could get at the valuable information held on servers and hard drives were to break into a business and steal the hardware. So company owners would buy bigger and better locks to keep thieves out. They would make sure the staff understood the importance of locking the doors and setting the alarm system. 

Today all these practices need to be in place but not just on the entrance to your business but also on the entrance to your network. IT infrastructures must be locked up and the alarm must be armed no different than you require on the exterior of your premise.  

If the building down the street from our office is broken into, we look for ways to ensure that won’t happen to us.  

That is why a layered approach to cybersecurity is a must in our offices. Each business must implement measures that are going to make it difficult to keep the ‘bad guys’ out. Educating employees on phishing attempts. Only allowing staff access to the files they need to do their jobs. Ensuring patches and updates are performed when they pop up. Ensuring the right firewall is installed or the right measures are taken to make it hard for your data to fall into the wrong hands.  

Cybersecurity is a must to include in your IT budget moving forward.  



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