The Cost of Collaboration

The key to communication that is not only efficient but also effective in productivity is using proper collaboration technology must also weigh the cost of collaboration. With the growing demand for mobile devices and remote workers, it is no wonder this area of technology shows no signs of slowing down.

Technology has changed the way team members meet, work together, brainstorm, contribute to projects, and share in job responsibilities.

A strong resilient team starts with individuals who are prepared and engaged. 75% of professionals say that collaboration is an integral part of their day and 86% of both employees and executives say the lack of collaboration is responsible for workplace failures. Communication is the key to any type of relationship and the workplace needs it to be clear and concise to impact the outcome of tasks and projects. How can you make collaboration tools work when most of us are working remotely or practicing social distancing while keeping the cost of collaboration affordable?

Cost factors to consider when looking for communication tools

It is safe to say, most businesses are kneedeep in whatever communication solution they sought out to ensure work could continue as we were all sent home to social distance. Many did not have the time to shop around and compare before they signed up for whatever they are currently using because of the need at the time. Now that the immediateness is over and many businesses are choosing some type of remote worker strategy to stay in place for some time yet, it is a good time to look a the cost of collaboration in your organization. Others have discovered that working outside the office is beneficial for their employees and yet others are trying to combine in office and out of the office for their staff. Whichever choice your organizations opt for, know there is still the opportunity to delve into solutions.

Choosing the best option while maintaining the cost-effectiveness of a solution does not mean you need to compromise quality or security. MicroAge IT Solutions can help you work through the pros and cons of what is available and best suited to your needs. We are here to help. Contact us and let’s talk tech.

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