Cloud Computing Facts You Need to Know

Cloud computing has gone from the latest trend that everyone was talking about to a credible technology solution for businesses of all sizes.

The cloud provides a cost effective solution to small and midsize businesses when compared to running a company’s own network to store and manage data. With options such as private, public or a mix of both available, a business would be hard pressed not to be able to find the perfect solution for its IT needs.

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While it is a viable practice of storing, managing and processing of data through the internet, the number one concern that many businesses have with cloud computing is security. It is easy to see how some would question the security of using the cloud for day to day computing but according to research, most criminal issues are related to user error or inside theft that leave company data vulnerable. By ensuring that your organization has standard policies in place with the added security of cloud controls offered by various third party providers, your data would be safer than traditional methods of data storage.

It may surprise you to learn that small businesses are easing into this option faster than other sized businesses and it really isn’t that much of a stretch of the imagination to see why. A small sized company’s IT skills with less than 20 employees is likely to be limited and it is expensive to employee IT staff and to keep up with all the changes to technology, not to mention all the hardware that is needed to store data on site. For most small businesses this is not feasible and it makes economic sense to adopt cloud computing.

Organizations understand that customer service matters, and research suggests moving to the cloud is a better way to manage the service offerings you provide. It has been shown that cloud based data management decreases website page uploads, provides a faster rate of responses to customer issues and enables companies to put money they have saved from IT related assets back into improving such things as customer service.

As we move forward with technology maturity, cloud computing will become more demanded which will see an increase in spending on ensuring that it is safe from cybercrime. As more businesses adapt to using the cloud on a daily basis, with many more looking at moving to this technology and there is an overall increase in businesses developing and implementing a strategy to move projects to the cloud.

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