Business Continuity Services

Business continuity is important for any size business and making your business resilient will allow you to continue day to day operations should an unfortunate data disaster occur.

A Business Continuity Plan is a process that identifies any risks, threats or vulnerabilities that could potential impact your company’s continued operations should a catastrophe strike.

Regarding your IT, this refers to any instance where data could be permanently lost or destroyed. Events such as power outages, weather, cybercrime, or accidental deletions or overwrites by employees can happen without warning, but partnering with MicroAge can help. We work to provide a framework to ensure that your data is protected no matter what type of disaster might strike.

What can a business continuity plan do for your business?

MicroAge strives to assess then manage all risks that could have a serious impact on your IT services. By taking the time to work through and establishing that your company has a Business Continuity Solution in place before a disaster strikes, your data can be recovered, affording you unnecessary data loss.

We protect your important data by performing a regular onsite backup of your servers and critical business systems, but we don’t stop there! Your data is also backed up offsite to a high-security data center and with our cloud service, you can rest assured that a quick recovery of your data is provided if a serious failure, disaster or outage occurs. Being able to quickly and efficiently restore business operations after an adversity is key to recovery.

The loss of critical data could have lasting effects on your business, but it doesn’t have too. Let MicroAge help you put a plan into place to give you the confidence to continue your business operations if an unfortunate occurrence should affect your day to day operations.