Are Your Business Communications Effective?

It’s no secret that companies need reliable, efficient, and secure technology to compete and succeed in today’s economy. Organizations that realize their technology is a critical business tool that keeps a business running smoothly and productively are the businesses that are growth drivers. Organizations need to understand that technology is necessary to provide continued growth while providing a competitive edge in today’s ever-evolving market.

Communicating internally and externally is necessary for productivity and collaboration, whether it be business to business, business to employees, interdepartmental communication, and businesses to their target audience. We rely on technology to assist with this task daily, and it is vital for remote workers and the staff in the office.


Technology is needed to foster collaboration in our mobile workforce. More and more businesses compete globally, and even local shop owners rely on technology for the times they are not in the office. More than 85% of Canadians own a mobile device, and users are now spending an average of five hours per day on their smartphones. That is a good indicator that more and more business is happening outside of the traditional office space. Companies need ways to collaborate with a mobile workforce. Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials is a perfect example of a product that offers a solution to this dilemma.

With channels of communication, including email, Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, and other networks to engage with customers and potential new clients, you need to know that your IT investment will be safe. Phishing attempts, cyber-attacks, and hackers are the modern-day train robbers. You need to ensure that your data is protected from these cyber thugs to maintain open lines of communication.

Technology has changed the way we do business and will continue to evolve and improve. The most significant impact it has had is how we communicate. Communication is faster and has created more opportunities, but it has also made it more distracting, and it needs to be more deliberate in its message. Technology will continue to develop new and exciting ways for businesses to operate and engage with internal and external partners. Make sure your business is equipped to move into the future with it.

Get the most from your IT

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