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8 Actions Your Business Can Take Now to Avoid Paying a Ransom Later

The number of ransomware attacks have exploded in 2021. The month of July started out with a big bang when cybercriminals encrypted the data in…

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Cybersecurity Trends You Should be Aware of

There can never be enough information on current cybersecurity trends but companies cannot possible spend all that time at their computers researching how security breaches…

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Remote Working and Azure Virtual Desktop

Remote working technology has become a big topic of discussion over the past 18 months. The shift in the way that businesses are operating, and…

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What is Azure Virtual Desktop or AVD?

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) was formerly known as Windows Virtual Desktop or WVD. Microsoft renamed it earlier this year. Essentially, as described by Microsoft, “AVD…

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Are You Properly Protecting Your Email?

In the 2021 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, Verizon reported a significant increase in attacks that involved phishing, social engineering and ransomware. According to the…

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Why Your Business Needs a Complete IT Security Plan.

Cyber attacks and computer viruses have become increasingly fierce, sophisticated and destructive and the biggest reason your organization needs a complete IT Security Plan. Hackers…

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Top 3 Reasons to Transition to the Cloud.

The Cloud can not only increase the way you work collaboratively and improve your cybersecurity but it also offers cost savings.

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Cloud Computing Facts You Need to Know

Organizations understand that customer service matters, and research suggests moving to the cloud is a better way to manage the service offerings you provide.

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The Benefits of Cloud Computing

Whether your staff will be working from the office or home, businesses know that a hybrid model is not only possible but, in some cases, the new norm moving forward.

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People working from different locations

Flexibility & Security for Your Team

Join us as we explore how your business can offer the flexibility of working from home, the office, or wherever, in a secure, cost-effective manner leveraging the cloud.

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Need Help with your Cloud Security? You Are Not Alone.

2020 forced many organizations to adopt cloud technologies to answer the sudden shift to remote work. No surprise that challenges arose because of this need…

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Microsoft 365 Updates-June 29

Me Menu Access to Settings, Zoom Controls, Keyboard Shortcuts, About, and Check for Updates is moving from the Me Menu to a new menu in…

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Work from Home, or the Office, or Both!

Microsoft 365 has the answers businesses are looking for whether your team is working from home, the office, or both! Most data can be moved…

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