Up, Up, and Away – Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing has finally advanced past the teen years and really come into its own! Ten years ago, most were distrustful and hesitate about storing data in such technology. Now most businesses are onboard with this innovation and are looking for additional ways to enhance their infrastructure with it. In his article,Cloud computing in 2020: Predictions about security, AI, Kubernetes, and more, Jack Wallen writes about some of the ways he is encouraging companies to dream big when it comes to the cloud.

Cloud Computing is the delivery of computing services such as servers, storage, databases, networking,  software, analytics, and more over the internet. From start-ups to global conglomerations, government agencies to non-profits, all types and sizes of organizations are embracing the technology of the Cloud. The adoption of the Cloud continues its upward trend and for today’s workflow, it’s hard to imagine not using the cloud. There are so many advantages to using cloud technology but here are just a few of the top reasons businesses are expanding their use in it.


  • No matter where you are or what you’re doing there is probably a cloud application to help you get things done in a more efficient manner. From accounting software to O365, the productivity tools seem endless! Collaboration needs to happen on the go and communicating with colleagues, customers, suppliers, and others is quick and easy.


  • Businesses growth can be unpredictable and the need to add to your IT infrastructure is a must. The cloud offers a solution to not only solve your needs today, but into the future as well. Most of the applications today will allow you to add users as you need to and you can upgrade at your own pace.

Disaster Recovery

  • Cleaning up from a disaster is not an exercise anyone wants to go through but ensuring your business will stay open after is necessary. Moving key data to the cloud will help put your mind at ease should you ever need to recover it. Working with an Managed Service Provider (MSP) to ensure a backup is performed regularly is a wise choice as well!

Opportunities for Innovation

  • Whether you have an IT team or just the guy in the office that knows the most about IT, moving to the cloud can lighten the load for the IT department. No one wants to do the mundane tasks of monitoring, patching, and maintenance. There are still a number of businesses that employ the reactive response to IT. Thinking more in terms of being proactive and taking advantage of partnering with an MSP will free up resources for innovation.

Reduces Costs

  • All of the above mentioned reasons add up to a costs savings. Cloud computing provides businesses with the right tools for the job at a significant savings when and how you need them.

Cloud technology is at the center of the digital revolution. It offers the delivery of computing services over the internet that include servers, storage, databases, networking, software, and more. A business will typically only be charged for what they use which allows for a reduction in operating costs. Migration to the cloud is expected to continue to grow and expand. If you would like more information on this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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