Now is the time to be PROACTIVE.

Business Continuity – – Disaster Recovery

Caution sign in a stormThese terms have been thrown around for years, but the reality is, without a plan, one that has been developed and tested, things are left in a reactionary mode.Now is the time to be PROACTIVE.

In recent years, there have been major fires, floods, storms, and now, the COVID-19 virus. Does your organization have something in place to ensure your business can continue to operate when the COVID-19 hits your community?

Traditionally, when organizations think of a business disaster, the thoughts are of a cyber breach or some type of malware attack. It is necessary to have a plan in place to address these types of issues, but what about a disaster that directly affects our workforce?

Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan for your business?

It is important to define the key roles and responsibilities for your employees in the case of a disaster. Have you taken the time or created the opportunity to consider the following:Red question marks

  • Does our organization believe that a disaster recovery plan is the same a business continuity?
  • Do our people know what to do in the case of emergencies?
  • Do we have insurance to cover our losses, and do we have the necessary documentation of the procedures/policies that we may be required to produce?
  • Do we have time to develop our own Business Continuity Plan, and do we know what this should encompass?

What if you were provided with an opportunity to build this type of plan from easy to use templates? Not only create such a plan but to test it in real-time to ensure the right people and resources are in place and also be able to revise policies as your organization needs to make changes.

MicroAge can offer your organization a Business Continuity Ecosystem that provides fast, easy, and dynamic business operations orchestration and automation tools in the cloud.

Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan will ensure all staff and management will not only know who will be responsible for what but also when tasks need to be completed. In the time of a crisis, clear and understandable directions are vital about what resources are required and how to handle certain situations.

MicroAge It Solutions is offering an ISO 22301 standard solution that provides a framework to plan, establish, implement, monitor, review, maintain, test, and continually improve the Business Continuity Management System for your company. With a variety of plans available, choosing from the one that will benefit your company the most will be simple:

  • Data Breach
  • Response
  • Fire Evacuation
  • Flood
  • any Natural Disaster
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Cyber Security Audits
  • Ransomware Attack
  • Pandemic

Each plan also offers the following technology:

Broadcast – the ability to text mobile devices instantly of a continuity event or declare.
Roll Call – the ability to send a text to every mobile device instantly with options to indicate if those receiving the message are safe or if help is required.
Call Tree – the ability to send an email and text to anyone instantly inside or outside the company to coordinate, automate and orchestrate the continuity event.

So, are you ready?

Contact us at (877)309-1919 or by email at and let MicroAge show you how quickly your company can plan, test, and implement your Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity strategy.


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