Why Backup Your Business Data?

Honestly, it’s not a rhetorical question. While 90% of companies are backing up their data, only 41% do it daily. Further to that information, 42% of companies experience data loss resulting in downtime. These statistics lead to the fact that many businesses are leaving gaps that increase vulnerability. (information obtained from Acronis Press Center)

If your company has been fortunate enough not to have felt the effects of a considerable loss of data, don’t get too comfortable. Accidents happen, and it’s just a matter of time until one crops up at your office. Data loss is not only a result of accidental error or cybercrime. It can be something as simple as a spilled coffee or as big as a fire in the building.

A physical office can be rebuilt, but once data is lost, it cannot be easily replaced.

Here are some common reasons to ensure your essential data is backed up daily and you limit your risk of data loss.

Equipment Failures

Desktops breakdown. Laptop screens go black. Power surges blow out hard drives. These are all things that happen because of aged equipment. Storing data on these devices without a daily backup is asking for trouble when it comes to data loss.

Employees are Human

You could have the best employees globally, but they are still human and prone to a mistake or two. Deleting a needed file or entire folder are simple minor mistakes that are fixable. What if a work laptop is stolen, or their cat knocks a bottle of water onto it, frying the entire thing?

Competitive Advantage

Ensuring your data is backed up regularly puts your company at an advantage compared to your competitors. Statistically speaking, an average of 4800 websites a month are compromised with a form-jacking code. And with over 28% of data breach victims being small businesses, if you are backing up your data daily, you are one step ahead of your competitors.


Whether it be from cybercrime or disgruntled employees, you need to protect your business from data loss. A daily backup would mean this information is not lost forever.

Whether you need to create a backup plan or revamp your current plan, an online data backup and recovery solution is necessary. It brings peace of mind, helps to retain your business credibility, and protects you from unnecessary downtime.

Having a backup plan means that you can quickly recover files and continue with business as usual. The alternative is not nearly as pretty.



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