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2020 Technology Trends

Maybe you’re not quite ready to start thinking about 2020. Now is as good as any time to have a look at the Information Technology that is expected to make an appearance next year. Small and mid-sized Businesses seem to think they cannot afford to invest in tech trends. Companies are still shying away from adopting a considerable number of technologies with the potential to help growth and competitiveness.

While many companies would love to be using cutting-edge technology to improve collaboration, increase productivity, and innovate business practices, it is not always feasible to do so. Each business must decide where to invest their dollars that will make a difference. Over the next four weeks, MicroAge will be posting articles designed to help spot an opportunity and what may not be necessary for your office.

Here are some of the technology trends that could help raise you above the competition in 2020.

Working Remotely
Bricks and mortar of having an office to go to are a thing of the past. Smaller businesses see the financial benefits of not having to set up an employee in an office with a desk and computer. Allowing staff to work from home can be a win/win with the right tools to ensure productivity and collaboration between team members are met.

Cloud Technology
This is here to stay business owners! Cloud computing increases efficiency, offers the flexibility an increasingly mobile market needs, gives and businesses a sense of security through backup and recovery. All while bringing competitiveness in the global market and still providing the security organizations want and need. It will become imperative to store your data somewhere safe, though. Business continuity is a must with all the potential hacking threats.

The Internet of Things (IoT)IoT devices are transforming our entire lives. From the innocent looking coffee maker in the lunchroom to the cloud-connected security camera monitoring your physical premises. Many are not taking the security risks of these devices. It is more than just your coffee break that could be affected. Microsoft recently issued a warning that Russian state operatives were using IoT devices as launching pads.

We could go on and on about cybersecurity and how detrimental it is to all size businesses, but you all know that. Cybercrime continually becomes more complex as cyberthugs continue to want what you have; your data. If you’ve waffled on this in the past, it is now time to strengthen the cyber defenses by implementing a layered approach.

Although many companies have already integrated blockchain, numerous small businesses are still not using this in their transaction methods. If you don’t use it now, you are running the risk of staying behind or simply missing an opportunity.


Taking the time to see what your current technology offers will make it easier to decide on what to add or not in the future. Although 2020 is still a few months away, now is the time to look at and understand which technology trend will be useful. 

Investing and adopting a new technology process does not have to cause you to reach for the headache medication. Call MicroAge and let’s talk tech.



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