1-2-3 Collaborate!

Working on a single file with different coworkers on multiple devices in various locations is no longer a problem with Microsoft 365. Anyone can collaborate and coauthor documents to make teamwork easy and simple.

    1. Start by selecting any of the Office apps you are accustomed to using like word or excel
    2. Start working on the document and it will automatically be saved to your OneDrive.
    3. Invite the team members you want to edit your file, or you can share it by sending a link.

Did we mention just how easy this was going to be? All you need to work on a document in real-time with others is an internet browser! Oh ya by the way, this is all for FREE?

We should also mention if you have the mobile apps installed on your phone or tablet, you can literally work from anywhere you can get a connection. But if working on your phone is not for you or you decide you need to change something when you are back at your computer or laptop, then use your OneDrive within the desktop apps to work cooperatively with your office mates.

Want to make a good thing even better? Maybe you need just a touch more than what the free version offers. No problem!

With a Microsoft 365 subscription, you can co-author files you are working on in real-time! No need to wait for others to finish up their edit before you fine-tune it. Work together, at the same time, to create a file the entire team will be a part of.

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