Wildix Communications

A state-of-the-art phone system with real-time collaboration services for small to large enterprises.



Wildix is an easy-to-use browser-based cloud phone system and communications tool that enables teams to work together efficiently. It brings all your real-time communication together in one place including chat, audio calls, video conferencing, and much more. The biggest problem for modern VoIP and hybrid systems is the need to maintain applications on individual PCs, MacOS, or Linux. With Wildix collaboration, your colleagues, departments, and even customers can connect on calls and chats directly from your web browser, ensuring end-user software is always up to date. Combine the mobile Wildix collaboration app for team members on the move for a seamless communication experience.

Wildix Benefits

  •  Easy to use: The user interface is intuitive and easy to understand with basic computer experience. Little user training is required.
  • Fully web-based: Mass application deployments are a thing of the past. Fully web-based with native support for WebRTC enables audio and video calls from the browser with no additional software needed.
  • Truly unified: Enable all of your communication tasks from the same user interface, including group chats, calls, and video conferencing.
  • Multiple deployment options: Have an on-premises PBX, virtual, cloud, or combination with failover. Wildix is not limited in deployment options like other VoIP communication systems.

What Businesses Are Saying

Executive in the Finance Industry

"When the pandemic hit, we immediately knew our telephone system was not fit for purpose, communication dropped as we had to work from home and Wildix has given us all the flexibility to work from anywhere and stay in touch easily."

Finance Office in the Services Industry

"The whole experience was great. We are using Wildix Collaboration for 25 employees spread amongst 5 different locations. We've been using the Product for 2 Years with 0 downtime. We've used a well known VOIP Tool in the past and were looking for something with less maintenance."

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Wildix Licensing is Simple and Understandable

Wildix has created a simple and clear licensing system for you. You won’t get lost in the jungle of different types of licenses like you’re used to. And you won’t find any labyrinths of constraints and clauses either. Wildix offers you 4 solutions to meet all the needs of small, medium and large enterprises.

Concurrent Calls per User 2 Calls 4 Calls 8 Calls 8 Calls
Devices per User 1 10 10 10
100+ Phone Services Mobility
Chat – File Sharing – iPhone/Android Apps
WebRTC Kite:
Collaborate with customers over the web
- -
WebRTC Wizyconf:
Live Conference Meetings – Recording – Facebook & Youtube streaming
- -
WebAPI – TAPI – Integration:
Connect online and offline CRM
- -
Data analysis for managers
- - -
WBI Wildix Business Intelligence*:
Text to speech and Dynamic IVR – Automatic speech Transcription – Receive Voicemail as text – Dial by name
- - -

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