Why You Should be Backing Up Your Data Everyday

Do you love being frustrated? How about wasting money? Do you enjoy losing something you worked hard for? If so, then you have no need to read on, you can get back to work! For the rest of you, here is why I think you should be backing up all of your work data daily.

Did you know that 43% of SMBs go out of business right after experiencing major data loss. And 51% permanently close their doors within two years. Only 6% of companies survive.

Have you truly considered the cost to your business if you lose your data? How long can you afford to be shut down before you begin losing too much money? 1 day? 2 days?

I’ve seen situations where business owners have been storing their entire business on one drive, without a backup. One day the drive fails, and suddenly their business is done. All their documents, reports, client data — gone.

Now, that may be an extreme example, but is has happened. Maybe it won’t happen to you though, because you backup your data. A lot of people think they can get away with manually backing up their data onto a USB every night at the end of the day. Which is great! Don’t get me wrong. But what about those days when you forget? Or what if you accidently write over some important data that you forgot about?

Additionally, where are you keeping those USBs? In the office presumably (because, let’s be real — no one remembers every day to take a USB home, and then bring it back! And if you do, then good on you!). What would you do if there is an office fire or a flood? What if someone breaks into your office and steals the USB? Then all your backups would be lost and you’d be left in the dust with nowhere to turn.

Fear not, my fellow business owners, and managers. There is a solution out there available for you! At MicroAge we always highly recommend to our clients a managed backup device. There are a couple different ones out there, but they all do essentially the same thing. They do one hard backup on site, and a separate backup to the cloud. This provides a layer of security for you that a regular onsite backup wouldn’t. Now you never have to worry about losing your USB, because your data is in the cloud (don’t worry, the cloud is secure). Not to mention, now you can access your data at home for those days when you don’t feel like coming into the office. Great, isn’t it? These devices will also automate your backups so you never have to remember to do it again. And they will never overwrite data unless you tell it to do so.

There are multiple risks associated with not backing up your data. You’ve worked hard to build your business, so why let one stupid accident ruin it? Talk to me today to learn about managed backups, and which product might be right for you.

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