Remote Working Solutions

Wherever your office is, MicroAge wants to help you reach your clients efficiently and securely.


The IT Partnership You Can Take Anywhere

While IT security risks have always existed, home office networks today are far more complex than ever before and more vulnerable to sophisticated attacks. Weaknesses in remote and home offices often include improperly configured security devices and programs and a lack of proper network security solutions that include firewall, VPN, IPS, web and email protection.

The Dos and Don'ts of Working Remotely


  • Make sure your Anti-Virus or Next Gen AV are current and up to date
  • Use your work provided computer and VPN if available, as the preferred secure method
  • Accessing via a secure Business Class Firewall and keep firmware up to date
  • Make sure your WiFi is secure with a strong password

  • Would having access to a CIO to help guide your investments and provide insights be of value to you?
  • Implement 2FA or MFA for increased security


  • Allow other to use your work device(s)
  • Open emails or files from unknown sources
  • Reuse the same or similar passwords
  • Use default usernames and passwords for your router

What's Included In

Our Remote Work Solutions

Office 365

Microsoft Teams & Office 365 help you get work done, with others or on your own, wherever you are.

Dark Web Monitoring

Monitoring for stolen email addresses and credentials that can be sold on the Dark Web and lead to Cyber Attacks.

Next Gen AV & Patch Management

MicroAge will Manage both your Windows Patches and updates, and End Point Detection and Response software utilizing Artificial Intelligence. Endpoint Detection and Response Application, to protect against the Next Generation Cyber Threats (Malware, Virus, Ransomware)

Service Desk

Microage Service Desk gives users Enterprise Class Support for all day to day issues. Users can expect immediate response from one of our local Service Desk technician.

Remote Connectivity

Whether you are a road warrior, work at a branch location or just need to work from home, MicroAge will Implement Support and Manage your approved and secured connection.